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I love the Geckos because they don't get in your way. They don't feel heavy or stiff or uncomfortable at low speed. The Geckos made my favourite race carve board behave very well on ice... I totally destroyed the cord early this morning. All you could see from the chair were my trenches!

Eric Chouinard Quebec, Canada

Smoothed out the ride to feel more velvety. Seemed to have an increase in board energy (AKA pop) as the added leverage allowed to get high in edge angle with less effort. When you could get the pop, surely the carbon forks add to that also. I also liked that the plates were easy to take on and off.

Bruce Varsava Founder, Coiler Composites

I wanted to let you know about my experience with my Ride board with the Gecko plates. I set the board up and had a few hours at Blue before going to ride at Tremblant. I cannot believe how this board carves the hill. It is by far the best, most responsive board I have ever ridden.

Greg Rice Ontario, Canada