Hansjuerg Kessler, Mark Fawcett, Henry Kim

Hansjuerg Kessler

High in the Swiss mountains in a workshop accessible only by foot, packhorse or ski, Hansjuerg Kessler quietly builds ski and snowboard magic. Olympic champion, Seth Wescott calls Hansjuerg Kessler and his team "artisans of the snowboard world."

20 years ago, Hansjuerg Kessler looked at racing snowboards and knew he could do better. At the time, slalom and giant slalom snowboards were nothing more that oversized freeride boards. Kessler decided to design a board purpose-built for racing. The result? The application of new materials and shape - the patented Kessler Shape Technology.

At the Torino Winter Games in 2006, 14 out of the 30 total riders, competed on Kessler's boards. The Swiss brothers Philipp and Simon Schoch made Olympic history by winning Gold and Silver in the Parallel Giant Slalom event.

In 2008, Kessler turned his attention to snowboardcross. The result was an immediate World Cup win by Graham Watanabe, followed by continued success from such SBX icons as Lindsey Jacobellis and Seth Wescott

Competitors continue to chase Kessler's contrails. Nearly every other snowboard on the World Cup circuit is a Kessler clone. But none have Kessler's secret ingredient - the capable hands and fertile mind of Hansjuerg Kessler himself.

Since 2009, Apex Sport has worked hand in hand with Hansjuerg Kessler to develop snowboard racing systems - snowboards and race plates that work together to produce winning results.

Mark Fawcett

Mark Fawcett is one of the most decorated snowboard racers in the world.

14 World Cup wins, 2 Olympic Games appearances, 2 Mt. Baker Legendary Banked Slalom crowns - Mark has done it all.

In 2005, Mark returned to the Canadian National Team as Alpine Head Coach and was instrumental in developing the original Apex Race plate that propelled Jasey Jay Anderson to Olympic Gold.

Since then, Mark has continued to work with Apex in refining our plate technology. The winning shape of the V2 and T1 plates were essentially Mark's ideas. Apex Sport simply made them a reality in carbon fiber and resin.

Post-Sochi, Mark has started his own snowboard company, Fawcett Snowboards, specializing in powder and backcountry boards, demonstrating Marks versatility. Mark has also been appointed head coach of Canada's Para-Snowboard team.

Mark continues to play a major advisory role in plate design and is our primary test rider.

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