Carve GS and Slalom Designed for use with hard boots and narrow race boards.
Cross Snowboardcross Designed for use with soft boots and snowboard cross boards.
Free Freeride and Banked Slalom Designed for use with soft boots and freeride boards.
Stealth New! The all new Gecko Stealth for freeride and BX. Lower, lighter, stealthier.

Another Game Changer from Apex Sport and Kessler

The Patented* Gecko Plate for SBX, freeride, GS and slalom. Easy, 60 second setup. So robust we've never had a warranty return in 3 seasons.

*The Gecko Plate is protected by U.S. Patent No. 9,364,738. Additional worldwide patents may be pending.

Eliminate Boot Out

13mm lift eliminates toe and heel drag especially for big footed riders.

More Edge Pressure

Increased leverage and position of urethane pads directs pressure to edges for more responsive carving.

Asymmetrical Setup

Asymmetrical installation to match your binding angles for more directed power.


Urethane bumper pads absorb chatter for a smoother, less tiring ride.

Reduced Footprint

Footprint of the Gecko Plate is 60% less than a standard binding, allowing the board to flex more naturally.

Aerospace Grade Carbon Fiber

We only use the finest raw materials available, sourced from Germany and California.

Tune Your Ride

Swap out urethane Power Pads for more dampening or more response - without remove your bindings

Co-Enginneered by Kessler and Apex

Another partnership from the leaders in World Cup and Olympic snowboard technology.

Urethane pads deliver power to the edge of the snowboard and distribute pressure along a greater distance. The snowboard flexes in a more natural and predictable manner.

At the same time, by controlling the density of the Bumper Pads and the stiffness of the carbon fiber deck, the Gecko Plate absorbs chatter and vibration, without compromising snow feel, offering a less tiring ride. An important factor on a long race day.

The best part? You can swap out the bumpers for harder or softer pads for more response or more dampening - without having to remove your bindings or plate.

The Gecko Plate system is composed of four individual plates that are independently placed on your snowboard.

The toeside plate can be placed forward of the heel to match your binding angle. This allows for more efficient delivery of pressure from the most powerful part of your foot to the edge of the snowboard.

Compared to a conventional binding placed directly onto a snowboard, the Gecko Plate has 60% less surface area that contacts the snowboard. That means the deadspot associated with the binding base plate is eliminated and pressure is concentrated where it matters most - along the edge of the snowboard.

And as a nice bonus, there are no bindings to mark up your topsheet.

Check out these Youtube videos to see how fast and easy it is to install Gecko plates.

I don't want to ride my Kessler banked slalom board without them. Such a great setup!

Mark Fawcett

Mark FawcettCanadian National Team Head Coach and 3 time Olympian

Still have questions? Check out our new Gecko Plate FAQs

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