Carve GS and Slalom Designed for use with hard boots and narrow race boards.
Cross Snowboardcross Designed for use with soft boots and snowboard cross boards.
Free Freeride and Banked Slalom Designed for use with soft boots and freeride boards.
Stealth New! The all new Gecko Stealth for freeride and BX. Lower, lighter, stealthier.
X Plates New! The X Plate for GS and slalom racing. World Cup proven.
K Plate World Cup GS and Slalom A semi-isolation plate with Kessler quality and performance
V Disc for VIST GS and Slalom Replace your beat up aluminum VIST mounting discs with carbon fiber.
Go Boom for Action Cameras Record the action with this Gecko accessory for your GoPro or other action camera.

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